Double Wood TMG Trimethylglycine 1000mg 180 Capsules.Abd Version

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Bu ifadeler Gıda ve İlaç Dairesi tarafından değerlendirilmemiştir. Bu ürün herhangi bir hastalıgı teşhis etmek, tedavi etmek, iyileştirmek veya önlemek için tasarlanmamıştır.

Key Benefits

  • Homocysteine Regulation: TMG, or Trimethylglycine, plays a crucial role in regulating homocysteine levels, potentially reducing the risk of heart disease. Studies suggest that TMG supplementation at doses of 3,000mg may lower homocysteine levels by up to 40%.
  • Athletic Performance Enhancement: TMG is associated with improved athletic performance, with potential benefits such as reduced fatigue, increased protein production, and enhanced synthesis of creatine. This makes it a sought-after supplement among athletes aiming to boost endurance and resistance exercise capabilities.
  • Comprehensive Health Support: TMG offers versatile wellness benefits, including potential improvements in insulin resistance, making it valuable for individuals aiming to regulate blood sugar levels. Additionally, research suggests TMG may enhance the effects of certain antidepressant medications, showcasing its potential in mental health support.


Trimethylglycine (TMG), or betaine, has garnered attention for its potential health benefits. Studies suggest that supplementing with TMG at doses of 3,000mg may significantly reduce homocysteine levels by up to 40%, supporting cardiovascular health. Additionally, research indicates that TMG capsules may enhance oxygenation in muscles, promoting increased training volume during weightlifting and exercise, potentially benefiting athletic performance. TMG is also highlighted as an ideal ingredient to combine with a methylated multivitamin for comprehensive cardiovascular health support.

Recommended Usage

As a dietary supplement, take 1-3 servings per day.

Certificate of Analysis & Testing

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