Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals NMN 60 Tablets

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals NMN 60 Tablets

NMN, short for Nicotinamide Mononucleotide is a precursor molecule to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a coenzyme involved in various cellular processes. NAD+ levels tend to decline as we age and this decline is associated with aging and age related health issues. NMN is a popular supplement with the goal of increasing NAD+ levles in ones body, it’s believed by increasing NAD+ it may provide energy metabolism, DNA repair, and anti-aging effects. Hi-Tech NMN features 250mg of NMN per serving with Hi-Tech’s patented Cyclosome Delivery for enhanced absorption and bioavailability. Grab yourself a bottle today!

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals NMN 60 Tablets Highlights & Benefits

  • NMN is a Precursor to NAD+ Which is Important for Cellular Health
  • May Support Healthy Glucose Levels and Metabolic Function
  • Increased Cellular Energy Production
  • Supports Healthy Insulin Sensitivity
  • Experience Increased Physical Energy
  • NMN Is Thought to Have Anti-Aging Effects
  • Provides Cardiovascular Support
  • Featuring Hi-Tech’s Cyclosome Delivery

How Does NMN Affect Aging?

  • Promotes DNA Repair
  • Fights Aging at a Cellular Level
  • Helps Energize Brain & Body
  • Experience Youthful Energy Levels
  • Increased NAD+ Levels
  • Ramps Up Mitochondria Production

Hi-Tech NMN the Best NMN Supplement?

Hi-Tech Pharmaeuticals is one of the best NMN supplements on the market. With any supplements consumers should buy from reputable brands so they can be confident they’re actually getting the correct ingredient at the correct dosages. With other supplements in the past like Turkesterone for example some supplement brand had been caught selling fake or underdosed supplements, Hi-Tech was one of the only if not the only manufacturer selling legitimate Turkesterone which lends confidence to this brands products. NMN is an expensive ingredient so beware of cheap NMN supplements being sold on eBay and Amazon. NMN also does not absorb well into the system as stomach acid destroys NMN. Most NMN supplements on the market are ordinary capsules or tablets, Hi-Tech uses their patented Cyclosome Delivery system which renders it far more effective than competitors.

Is NMN Supplements Banned?

No, NMN is not banned in the United States. In 2015 the FDA sent a warning letter to a company by the name of Elysium Helath. The FDA’s complaint was in regards to claims being made by this company, they in turn sent a warning letter and they are currently investigating NMN and whether it should be classified as a drug or a dietary supplement. The FDAs moves regarding N MN are simply a precautionary measure while the FDA investigates the potential risks and benefits of NMN. Many consumers wonder why eBay, Amazon, Costco and some other sites and stores may have discontinued selling NMN. Some say these investigations the FDA does into supplements are a way of suppressing the sale of these supplements without actually having to take any regulatory measures as large stores and sites will typically pull supplements while they are being investigated. If you are interested in taking NMN you should first talk to your doctor to determine if NMN is right for you and they may be able to help recommend or help you find a reliable source.

Directions | NMN Dosage

Take 1 tablet in the morning. You may take up to 4 tablets daily.



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